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Dirty job with black gloves metaphor

Dirty job with black gloves metaphor

ID: 79684229

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Download #79684229 royalty free stock picture in 3 minutes without registering! Photographer lunamarina also has pictures of back-ground, “black, builder, rengøring.

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Størrelse pixels cm Purchase immediately
258 x 387px, 0.1 Mpix, JPG
0.9" x 1.3" (300 dpi)
2.2 x 3.3 cm (300 dpi)
24 kr
577 x 866px, 0.5 Mpix, JPG
1.9" x 2.9" (300 dpi)
4.9 x 7.3 cm (300 dpi)
36 kr
1155 x 1732px, 2 Mpix, JPG
3.9" x 5.8" (300 dpi)
9.8 x 14.7 cm (300 dpi)
42 kr
Fuld størrelse
3328 x 4992px, 16.6 Mpix, JPG
11.1" x 16.6" (300 dpi)
28.2 x 42.3 cm (300 dpi)
60 kr
Størrelse License Purchase immediately
ExtendedPixmac Extended License258 kr
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Total credits: 0 Total: 0 kr

Technical information

Original:3328x4992 px
Fil størrelse:4559 kB
Upload:03/04 2011
Exclusive Nej
Model kontrakt Nej
Ejendom kontrakt Nej
Udvidet licens Ja
Original filename:CON_069-8959.jpg

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This Royalty free stock photo of a #79684229 was taken by photographer lunamarina. The original size of this picture was 3328 × 4992 px, 16.6 Mpix and the original resolution was 300 dpi. Image was reviewed by and got rating 5.7.

31 Pixmac users have previewed this picture in our Pixmac stock photo collection. Photographer lunamarina also offers royalty free stock pictures, illustrations, and clip art graphics of: , , , , , , , , .

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